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    make file

    so im not sure if its here or C forum for this but i basically need help with make files its pretty simple im just having a hard time looking i tup online

    basically i have a directory

    then /base/extra

    i want the /base/Makefile to call /base/extra/Makefile in the /base/extra directory

    at first in the /base/Makefile
    i did the command

    make -f extra/Makefile

    but i realize it was executing that makefile in the /base directory so how do u make it go into the extra directory

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    make -C extra -f Makefile
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    Recursive invocations of make should use $(MAKE) instead of 'make'
    	if (a) do { f( b); } while(1);
    	else   do { f(!b); } while(1);

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