Thread: creating an array of pipes

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    creating an array of pipes

    I have a specific number of processes, which were created using fork(), those processes should communicate each with other using pipes. I want to create a dynamic array of pipes or use a Vector so it would contain all the pipes there were created.

    each pipe should be of size of 2 integers so the array of the vector size should be arr[N][2].

    my problem is that I don't know how to create properly this Vector or Array and pass it correctly to the dup2 function.

    Maybe some one could help me with an example?

    I build those two functions:

    int** createArrOfPipes(int amount)
        int** arr = new int*[amount];
        for (int i=0;i<amount;i++)
            arr[i] = new int[2];
        return arr;
    void freeArrOfPipes(int** arr, int amount)
        for (int i=0;i<amount;i++)
            delete[] arr[i];
        delete[] arr;
    and tried to use vector, like this:

    vector< vector<int> > pipes;
    vector<int> read_vec1;
    vector<int> write_vec2;

    but how to do some thing like this:

           for(int i=0;i<(sub_commands.size()-1);i++)
    or this:

                  while (dup2 (pipes[(command_index-1)][read], STDIN_FILENO) < 0)   //dup client's sock with stdin
                        if (errno == EINTR) continue;
                        fprintf(stderr,"dup2 failed.");
    Thanks in advance.

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    int** pipes = createArrOfPipes(amount);
           for(int i=0;i<amount;i++)
    It's just not going to understand STL vectors or anything else.

    You might try creating a myPipe class, containing int p[2] say, then making a std::vector of that object, if you want to wrap some C++ around the low-level API.
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