Thread: Why the local socket program occur core dump?

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    The argument addr is a pointer to a sockaddr structure. This structure is filled in with the address of the peer socket, as known to the communications layer. The exact format of the address returned addr is determined by the socket's address family (see socket(2) and the respective protocol man pages). The addrlen argument is a value-result argument: it should initially contain the size of the structure pointed to by addr; on return it will contain the actual length (in bytes) of the address returned. When addr is NULL nothing is filled in.
    Emphasis mine; reading comprehension FTW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rags_to_riches View Post

    Emphasis mine; reading comprehension FTW.
    Got it, thanks, I have read this but it confuse me that:
    So it should means the *addrlen should be initialized. I thought not NULL is enough.
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