Thread: get length of a stream

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    get length of a stream

    Hi all.
    I want get the length of a stdin. i.e

     cat test.txt | myprogram
    the program myprogram reads the test.txt and returns the length of the file test.txt

    FILE* stdin_stream = fdopen(STDIN_FILENO,"r");
    //now i get the length
    length = ftell(stdin_stream);
    but i have always length = -1....

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    Yeah, I dunno if that is how I would approach stdin. I'd start at the beginning and count the characters to EOF.
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    To get the length of "test.txt" file:
    FILE *stdin_stream=fopen("test.txt","r");

    // the file must exit and be initialized first in the current directory.

    printf("The length of file is %d\n",ftell(stdin_stream));

    //Hi,mp2k.maybe you should change the function fdopen() to fopen().The result "-1" means that the error occurs in function ftell(), because you hasn't input any characters to the standard input terminal.Right?I am steve.
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    stdin is a stream, so it isn't seekable. If you want to know its length, you must read data until you get EOF. If you need to DO something with that data, you need to store it somehow since it will be lost as you read it.

    One possibility is to copy the data to a temporary file as you read it in. Then you can open this file and seek in it.
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    A simple solution would be:

    char buff[1024];
    int len = 0;
    //Open the filename passed as argument int the main (argv[])
    FILE *file = fopen(filename.txt, "r");    //open file
    while(fgets(buff, 1024, file) != NULL) {  //read each line untill eof
         len += strlen(buff);    //add the number of characters of each line
    printf("Size of file is: %d\n", len);  //print the size as the result

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