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    Still not seeing any real solution for the original question; everyone keeps falling back on the one thing I cannot do (which I have made abundantly clear). So there is no way to catch this assertion? None?
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    Even the idea of catching it is wrong, unless you somehow can jump out of the function. Otherwise, you're going to dereference a NULL pointer. Turn off assertions, and you'll probably get a segfault, or some other amazingly unpredictable behaviour. Why not just initialise the status?

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    I agree, zacs. I suggested that in a couple of my posts as well. If an assertion is failing (or a signal is being raised, or an exception is being thrown) and you can't rewrite the offending code, the real solution is avoiding the circumstances that make it signal a failure.

    Without visibility of details of the offending class, it's hard to give specific advice on alternatives.

    jeffcobb: as I said in the second post, there is no way to swallow a SIGABRT signal in a manner that allows your program to just continue. Short of redesigning how your operating system handles that signal, which I assume would be excessive.
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