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    Compiling with gcc

    Hi Im brandnew to both this board as to programming C I tried to write this program
    with redhat 6.2

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>

    char str1[] ={ 'A',' ',
    'S','T','R','I','N','G',' ',
    char str2[] = "Another string constant";
    char *ptr_str = "Assign a string to a pointer";

    printf("The length of str1 is: %d bytes\n",strlen(str1));
    printf("The length of str2 is: %d bytes\n".strlen(str2));
    printf("The length of the string assigned to ptr_str is: %d bytes\n",strlen(ptr_str));

    return 0;

    and compile it in a executable with this command

    gcc -Wall -o test test.c

    this is my error

    request for member 'strlen' in something not a structure or union.

    Now I figured out that when i want to include the lib math.h I need to add -lm at the end of the commando, but I dont know what I need to add to include the string.h, I know its probably something real stupid. But I could find the answer anywhere

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    You have a typo...

    On line 13 of your code, you typed in a period instead of a comma before the 'strlen'... that is why it did not recognize the function.

    I compiled it on a linux and it worked fine...

    Good luck

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    Nooo, the horror aarg

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