Thread: help undeclared __LINUX_ARM_ARCH__

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    help undeclared __LINUX_ARM_ARCH__

    So basically im having a problem compiling a kernel with cross compiling. Im pretty sure the cross compiler is working or i think it is. but basically like most of the forums ive been reading the error is just that I have a compiling error where alot of the files in
    linux--version/arch/arm/include/asm/* header files are saying

    __LINUX_ARM_ARCH__ undeclared error.

    I did a grep search for it and haven't really found where it should be declared any ideas where to solve this problem

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    When you cross compile, you'll have to do something along these lines:

    make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=/my/path/to/arm-unknown-linux-

    Are you leaving off the ARCH=arm? That _could_ be your problem.

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