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    Tftp server

    UGGG so im trying to setup a tftp server on red hat linux. Ive gone through like all the instructinos online. setting_up_a_tftp_server [Open Source @ Analog]
    and How to Install a tftp Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux : Bob Plankers, The Lone Sysadmin

    And like i didnt get any errors or anything when typing the commands on the terminal but basically every time i try to test it i never works sooo im not really sure how im suppose to do this.

    basically i have a tftp in one ip address. And with another system with a different ip address using the client tftp ipaddr(server) and i try to get foo and it never connects and I tried a ping and they ping together just fine soo im just not sure if the tftp server is even on

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    Well what I would do is divide and conquer in a situation like this. For example, you need to know if the client or the server is at fault (could be either with what little info you have provided). To do this, run your tftp daemon on the server, make a note of what port it is supposed to be on (I am too lazy to look it up), then run netstat -a | grep <expected port number> in another term to see if it is listening where you expect it to. If it is NOT then probably doing just the netstat -a part will show all of the active ports (and owners) on the server; if tftp doesn't show up, or shows up where you do not expect it to (wrong port) this is a clue to what is wrong. If it DOES show up where you think it should then its either the client not connecting to the right place or maybe a firewall with too strict of a ruleset....
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    When i first started working with embedded systems i have faced this issue. In my case the firewall is the one which is blocking the traffic. So, why don't you check your firewall rules(iptables/ip6tables).

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