Thread: Socket Error or nohup error ??

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    Lightbulb Socket Error or nohup error ??

    Hi friends,
    1. I have created a client socket to receive a data from the server.
    2. The data received from the server will be shown in the terminal.
    3. i want to run this application as a background and i want to redirect the output to a file. and also i want to run this application even when i log out so i did as given below

    nohup myprogram > foo.out 2> foo.err < /dev/null &

    4. when i use
    $tailf foo.out

    Everything is fine. I can view the output

    i cannot able to view the last data i received.

    5. If i run that on terminal, everything is fine. i can able to see the data, even the last one i received.

    If i run the same using nohup, i could not able to view the last received data.
    Can any one help me out to solve this problem

    Thanks in advance

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    Do you flush output after printing?

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    A cheat would be to use the screen tool...basically run a screen session in a terminal, start your app as if you were running in a terminal and then hit Ctrl-a d (detach session). Then you can log out. When you log into the box again, just run screen -r <reattach to session>; it should auto-attach to the previous session. Note that screen has a lot of powerful tools to offer; see man page...
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