Thread: Spaces in posix paths

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    Spaces in posix paths

    How do you deal with spaces when making a valid posix path? I'm using a library that converts spaces to %20, but using %20 doesn't seem to work with any standard posix functions that deals with files.

    The library is Apple's CoreFoundation, and the function that returns the posix path with spaces encoded as %20 is CFStringGetFileSystemRepresentation.

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    POSIX filenames can contain spaces. In fact, a posix filename can contain any character except / and NULL. However, you will probably not see them with *, etc, because there are some characters the shell makes impossible.

    %20 plain and simple is for use in http query strings. It has nothing to do with POSIX -- perhaps the library is presuming that this is for network transmission?

    It's probably not uncommon to set more strict rules tho, eg:
    Quote Originally Posted by University of Albany
    Filenames on Our UNIX System
    Special characters that should not be used in filenames: — & ; * ? ' " ` [ | ] ( ) $ < > { } ^ # / \ % ! ~ and the SPACE character
    Should not is not cannot, ie, this has nothing to do with "the standard".

    You might as well just replace spaces with underscores to be safe. I despise spaces in filenames because they can be a pain and require extra quoting in scripts, on the command-line, etc.
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    Either way, I fixed it by replacing CFURLCopyPath with CFURLCopyFileSystemPath. So it wasn't CFStringGetFileSystemRepresentation that was doing something strange after all ...

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