Thread: Viewing a buffer when using std::string advice.

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    Viewing a buffer when using std::string advice.

    I have a task to do about the std::string datatype.

    To do the task I need to use the KDevelop IDE and be able to find the size of the buffer being used when performing operations upon strings, but never having used KDevelop before, I'm at a complete loss.

    Could anyone be so kind as to give me some direction as how to go about viewing a buffer which is in use? Can it's contents be viewed within a window of the IDE, or would I have to call functions to 'cout' details about the buffer being used?

    I'm at a complete loss about this, so any info is really appreciated.

    Many many thanks.

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    I'm not sure how an IDE would give you much insight into the innerworkings of an STL container - it sounds to me that you're a bit confused, honestly. But generally speaking, you can 'view' an std::string by passing it to the cout object, and get the size with, well, the size( ) member function.

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    Yes, seems I was Sebastiani.

    Your advice was most helpful though.

    Many thanks.

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    You mentioned manipulating the string. STL string manipulation isn't done as it is in C, you can read about it here: C++ Reference
    You can use the c_str() member to get a C style string if you need to (non-manipulative, though).
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