hi every1,
I need a suggestion about rt-application.
if i did it and send data to my socke I've got "Non real time Singal:", why?
actyally i did it in the handler func.
siginfo_t* si;
    f(si->si_code == SI_QUEUE)
        printf("User RTS Signal: %d\n", si->si_signo);
        printf("User PID: %d\n", si->si_pid);
        printf("User data: %d\n", si->si_value.sival_int);
        printf("Non real time Singal:  \n"  );
and I tried getting number of array from rt-signal by this snippet into handler func
siginfo_t *info;
int cbNumber = info->si_value.sival_int;
	printf("AIO operation %d completed returning \n",cbNumber);
unfortunately, I've got seg fault

I can't receiv data in this way
printf("the msg is: %s\n",  (char *)req->aio_buf);
i seems, because I use few sokets I should get signal what's from it comming and then receiv data in this way...
printf("the msg is: %s\n",  (char *)req[cbNumber].aio_buf);