Thread: Prompt \w gives relative path

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    Prompt \w gives relative path

    When I use \w to set my prompt in bashrc (using ubuntu, if it makes a difference)

    it shows prompt as


    while i want it to be like


    Where am I making the mistake?

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    That is not a relative path. The tilde (~) is your home directory. Eg, if you log in as root and go to the same place, you will see /home/vivek, since ~ for root is (usually) /root.

    I don't think you would be using the bash prompt in this way, but generally if you need to replace a ~ which has been output it is equal to the $HOME environment variable.
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    okay, let's try that again. . . you'd want to put this in (somewhere)
    PS1="\${PWD}# "
    and the best thing to do is to try it out first via export PS1="\${PWD}# "

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