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    Question multiple connection server

    im currently writing a server for linux. can someone please tell me how to make my server accept multiple connections without using the select function? thanks.

    also, what exactly is a library? is it a header file?

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    search google for
    "Beej Guide to network programming"

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    heh, thats where i learned socket programming

    but the problem is that only explains how to accept multi connections using the select() function...............any other ideas?

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    Unix Network Programming

    the above book is a must...

    a library is a collection of compiled object code that can be linked either statically or dynamically into your program. it is not a header file. header files usually contain protoytpes and other declarations for the object code contained in the libraries...

    old school unix servers - fork a new process for each connection

    new way unix - new thread for each connection...single process...

    again W. Richard Stevens' book, Unix Network Programming, Volume I explains all of it in detail.

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