Thread: free needed or not?

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    free needed or not?

    hi every1,
    I use not-blocked tcp socket and i needed help with that..

    write(sock, (struct auth*)&autorization, sizeof(struct auth));
    r = read(socket_fd, recv, sizeof(recv));
    	for (i = 0; i < r; ++i){
    		if (.. /*checkout recv*/...){
                                   write(sock, &data, sizeof(data));
    		printf("Authentication fault\n");
    		goto exit;
    free(recv); // 1
    r = read(socket_fd, recv, sizeof(recv));
    // todo  smth...
    1) it's free needed or not? Because in the next if autorization was succesfull, that should do something.

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    Was recv returned to you from a call to malloc()? If so, yes. If it wasn't, then you probably shouldn't be calling free() on it.

    Also, will free() be called if the goto exit is taken?
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    Is this a trick question?

    Quote Originally Posted by quantt View Post
    free(recv); // 1
    r = read(socket_fd, recv, sizeof(recv));
    Since read() does not allocate space, if recv is a pointer, this cannot be good. No you should not use free() there. Why do you want to?
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    Not to mention that if you are using sizeof(recv) in your code, chances are recv was not returned by malloc at all, and thus you do not need to free it.

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