Thread: I want to start programming on linux

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    I want to start programming on linux


    I have read learn c++ in 21 days, it is good for me, but I want to start reading thinking in c++ and want to program for Linux, is their a Visual C++ alternative?

    - Do I have to program for GTK+ or GTKmm, I am C++ programmer.
    - What are the packages to start programming in Linux with gtkmm and its docs.
    - Anything else I need, please suggest with details or at lease a link for starting to program in Linux.

    I appreciate your help
    Thanks in advanced

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    For STANDARD C++ (which is hopefully what "Teach yourself C++ in 21 days" would cover), you do not need graphical features of the OS. The code in the book (again hopefully) should work just fine using g++ (gcc's C++ compiler), which should be part of your Linux distribution [not that it HAS to be, but I'd expect it to be part of your Linux distribution].

    You need to find an editor that you like. I use (x)emacs, but there's vi and other variants too.

    There is also Eclipse and Code::Blocks that are more integrated solutions (so you press a button or two, and it starts the debugger directly within the application you use to edit the files. This would correspond fairly well to Visual Studio from Microsoft.

    Emacs and vi (or some forms thereof) is almost certainly on the Linux CD/DVD. I'm pretty sure Eclipse IS NOT, whilst Code::Blocks could be. But they are both definitely available on the net for no fee.

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    Code::Blocks, I used that for quite a while for my C++ programming, mainly on windows but it is the same codebase and libraries (wxWidgets based) and I would recommend that if you are looking for the full IDE experience. vi(m) or emacs if you are looking for a simpler solution (at least for smaller applications)

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    If you are going to do C++ on Linux, most folks around my workplace (that write C++ -- NOT me, I use vim) use the ide provided by KDE (which is also available on most distros).


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