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    Probably truncation somewhere inside the loop.

    The problem is that getchar()'s return value can either be EOF, or inside the domain of a char. If it's EOF and you assign to a char, you lose that information, and either the loop won't terminate or it might terminate on a regular char as well.
    You should do it like this:
    int t;
    while((t = getchar()) != EOF) {
      char c = (char)t;
      // ...
    Inside the loop, t must be in the domain of a char, so the cast is safe, and making it explicit prevents compiler warnings.
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    The compiler warning had to do with the default case inside the loop.
    Changing to c to int produced produced a warning that argument 2 of strncat was being called with an incompatible pointer type. This didn't seem to affect the working of the program, but I do take warnings as a sign I should be doing something differently.

    I changed to the code above and all is well. Thanks for the tip.

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    Propably in strncat. You have to cast c to a char and then take its address.

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