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    well im just board and im trying to do simple stuff right now.. itz 2:00 in the morning.... anywayz.. i want to creat something like a bomb sound in linux.. but i dont think that i have a header file cause sound... is there something else that i can do/ is there another way to creat soundz...?

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    you can play with some cheap ways like

    system("esdplay somewavfile"); //general
    system("artsplay wavefile"); //kde

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    Sound programming is something of a slippery slope, but it's not execively hard. First you'll want to include sys/soundcard.h. Then you'll want to take a look at the open sound programmers guide (free download). My guess is that you're going to be constructing your own wav player.

    I haven't heard of a way to create sound effects directly from C, however. You'll still need to make a sound file, and then play that.


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