Thread: how To find process status using any standard unix system call?

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    Question how To find process status using any standard unix system call?

    i want to know that one particuler process is running or not?
    is there any standard unix system call exist by which i can know about the present status of a process whose PID is known to us?

    plz help.

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    Which flavour of Unix?

    As far as I know, there is no STANDARD way in Unix/Linux to get information about another process. Obviously process status (ps) will know how to do that, and there IS a way, but there's no definitely standardized way to do this.

    Linux and several other Unix flavours have pseudo-files under /proc/<pid>/... that give all sorts of information.

    The SIMPLE (and standard) way to deal with it, however, is to use the signal SIG_CHILD which gets sent to the owning process when the child process dies.

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