Thread: hi plz help me in this topic

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    hi plz help me in this topic

    i want to create a make file with c program so i need library functions.
    i found this in make file.So i want to know how to create these libraries.

    ## List all the libraries needed to be linked in.
    LIBS = ./libfcf021.a \
    ./libfcf041.a \
    ./libfco710.a \

    i know how to create object files i.e cc -c program2.c
    can any one help me in the command for creating library files.

    Waiting for valuable replies.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Do not start another thread on the same subject. If your other thread is in the wrong place, then it should be moved by the moderators [you can post another reply in your thread].

    There are sensible answers in your other thread, so this thread should be closed [any moderator listening right now?]

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