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    C++ Mail Library

    Where can I find a library that will let me send mail via C? I *do not* want to use a default-installed MDA; that makes me dependant on a user having a certain MDA installed. I want to have a function like so:


    ...that I can call from a C/C++ program to be compiled under GCC. Is this possible? If so, where can I find such a library?

    -Kevin Kelley

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    why don't you dig into RFC and read the rfc for the mail sending part it's really very simple

    write a small socket program that connects to your smtp server (port 25) and send

    USER username
    PASS passwd // for authentication

    mail from:<>
    rcpt to:<>
    HEADERS///goes here

    bla bla bla
    . // this is very important

    you can read a good tutorial at if you know socket programming then this is a piece of cake ...try ...


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