Thread: using getenv correctly

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    using getenv correctly

    Hi all, I am writing my first programs to gain a better understanding of environment variables.
    So far I have written this - and it compiles with no errors and returns successfully returns a value for the 'PATH'. As seen below:

    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
          char *env = getenv("PATH");
          if (env)
                printf("\nvalue of PATH is: %s\n", env);
          return 0;
    However, if change 'PATH' to another environment variable as stated on this list:
    such as 'TIME' , then 'NULL' is returned. Basically my question is theory only and I want to know why some environment variables are returned and others are not?. Also I have only a basic understanding of how to use the terminal correctly, so are there commands from the terminal that will show me what environment variables are running?

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    Try with TEMP or TMP

    I can imagine TIME (and DATE and RANDOM) being a pseudo-variable evaluated by the shell at the moment you use it.
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    This is more simple than you think: the environment variables are strings "name=value" copied into the process stack when you run it, nothing more. You can get the entire list by walking the 'environ' variable (this is a global pointer to the array of environment variable your process got). You can also see your current env. var in a shell by typing 'env'.

    from <unistd.h>:
    /* NULL-terminated array of "NAME=VALUE" environment variables. */
    extern char **environ;

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