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    Embedded GUI


    Been using Linux for development for a while now - getting familiar with gcc.

    I am soon to develop a portable device (I will be designing it with a single board PC or an ITX m/b) which I would like to run Linux on (speed and stability). This will include a touch screen. Does anyone know of a project out there I can use as a learning tool to get the hang of framebuffer and touch screens?

    Also, does anyone know of a library that helps with making graphical interfaces using gcc (framebuffer mode Ė I donít want to run X11 due to lack of resources and speed)? In the old days when I used dos for such a thing, I had a library where I could do create_window(posx,posy,sizex,sizey), etc and place_button(posx,posy). Very simple but useful.

    Help is appreciated.

    Many thanks,


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