Thread: Segmentation fault problem

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    Segmentation fault problem

    hello people.
    i have a problem with my .so .
    i am dynamically loading and unloading my using the dlopen and dlclose functions.
    my .so contains many global instances of many classes.
    i can see that all my global constructors are called on load and all my destructors are called on unload.
    everything seems fine.
    but when my program ends, i get a segmentation fault error.
    here is my main.cpp:
    int main( int argc, char * argv[] )
    if( argc != 2 ){
    printf("usage [so name] \n");
    return 0;
    printf("Before Load\r\n");
    void* pHandle = dlopen(argv[1]);
    if( pHandle == NULL ){
    printf("%s\r\n", dlerror());
    printf("Load: Went fine\r\n");
    if( dlclose(pHandle) ){
    printf("UnLoad Went Ok\r\n");
    printf("UnLoad Failed\r\n");
    return 0;
    the output will be:
    Before Load
    Load: Went fine
    UnLoad Went Ok
    Segmentation fault

    when debugging, i can see that my main reached it's ending, but still i get the segmentation fault error.
    what might caused the problem ?
    is it some memory leak ?
    one of my globals problems ?
    i will appreciate any help, cause i am kind of lost here.

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    You are supposed to pass two parameters to dlopen - not doing so could cause all sorts of different problems.

    Also, your destructors are called on dlclose(), so you if you are accessing memory that isn't valid from the destructors, it will cause a seg fault.

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