Thread: Xlib - Focused window and notifies

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    Xlib - Focused window and notifies


    I'm coding my own window manager prototype and have this problem:

    When I'm not actively grabbing any button or pointer the notifies won't work correctly. When a pointer leaves the focused subwindow I don't get any notifies(unless the pointer moves to root-window) even though i'm grabbing them with XNextEvent

    As i'm not using XGrabPointer or XGrabButton, I have set XSelectInput from the root but even when I change this to the focused window and try to get leave-,enter- or motion-notifies it doesn't work.

    And yes i'm using all the event-masks with XSelectInput and none of them works unless in root-window.


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    please post the relevant part of your code so that we can take a look.

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