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    syntax error

    why am i getting the error
    synatx error before ":"

    void main()
    int i:3;

    now when in memory what will be the size of the integer will it be of 4 bytes or will it take 3 bits actually.

    also if i have to use similar ones like int i:3,j:4:k:1

    now how do i access i,j,k individually

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    You can only use bit fields in structs (that's way the compiler complains about a syntax error):

    struct MYBITFIELD
       unsigned int i:3;
       unsigned int j:4;
       unsigned int k:1;
    you can access these fields using the dot "." operator: bit.i

    The amount of memory used depends on the compiler, but usually the components of the bitfield are packed in units of size "sizeof(int)".


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