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    printing from kernel

    i am a beginner kernel programmer. i need to write a kernel code for a new system call called
    int sys_printstr(void *buf);
    This system call returns the usual success/failure codes. The buf argument that it gets is an
    encoded string as follows:
    the first byte in buf contains the length of the string in bytes
    the bytes that follow in buf contain the actual string, excluding the terminating null it should correctly printk this encoded string which is passed from user-land.

    any clue/suggestion?

    thanks in advance..


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    Well I believe printk still takes a null terminated string, so if you know how long it is either move all the memory over one byte where the length used to be, or move it to a new buffer and throw a nul terminator on the end.
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    I need the actual code

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    I'm sure you do.

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    Anyone who wants to be a kernel programmer, and who needs "actual code" for this simply isn't ready.

    I mean, what are you going to do when your fumbling around in the dark causes a kernel panic and you're once again admiring the BIOS startup logo?
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    I agree with Salem - if you haven't got a good idea of how to do this, you are not a kernel level programmer (yet - there is nothing saying you can't get there).

    What have you done so far?

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