Thread: Creation of 4GB file in Linux

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    Creation of 4GB file in Linux

    I want to create a file of 4GB in Linux. But I want to create that file using C library functions like fseek, fopen etc. Can anybody suggest me some code for that ? Also I tried 'dd' command. This command creates a file. Can I access that file in C language.

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    You can use arbitrarily large files with fread/fwrite and the character/line oriented function (such as fgets, fgetc) in Linux. The problem comes when using fseek, since it only takes a "unsigned long", so unless your linux version is a 64-bit variant, it will be limited to 4GB for fseek operations. There are some extended variants of fseek, such as fseeko and fsetpos that take bigger numbers.

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    See _LARGEFILE_SOURCE, _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE, and _FILE_OFFSET_BITS macros in the libc manual:


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