Thread: Problem with libraw1394 v1.3.0

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    Problem with libraw1394 v1.3.0


    I'm currently working on a program that uses libraw1394, libdc1394 and libdc1394_control. The application is running on openSUSE 10.3. The following packages are installed:

    libdc1394 v2.0.0-1
    libdc1394-20 v2.0.0-1

    libdc1394_control12 v1.2.2-1
    libdc1394_control12-devel v1.2.2-1

    libraw1394 v1.2.1-64
    libraw1394-8 v1.2.1-64
    libraw1394-devel 1.2.1-64

    After I have done an update of the libraw1394-files (v1.3.0-17), the following error occurs:

    grep: /usr/lib/ No such file or directory
    /usr/bin/sed: can't read /usr/lib/ No such file or directory
    libtool: link: `/usr/lib/' is not a valid libtool archive
    In the new libraw1394-packages are only shared libraries and no static or libtool archives, but still depends on So, is it possible to link only shared libraries?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Isn't the best place for this the home page / mailing list / forum for the package in question.
    Their update broke things, so they should best know how to resolve it.
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    See if there are any -dev packages for the libraries in question. Not sure if SuSE has -dev packages, but it has, that's where the libtool archives belong.
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