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    all about cross compilation

    hi all
    i would like to know about cross compilation.

    1.what is meant by cross compilation.
    2.what is the use and where can we use and can i use it fedora 9. to do it(step by step).
    4.i have to cross compile "hello gtk" (helloword.c).

    any help it should be appreciable

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    1. Cross compilation is when you compile for a different processor/OS than you have currently on the machine - usually the terms used are "HOST" and "TARGET", where the HOST may be a Windows or Linux machine running on a PC, and the TARGET may be a small computer using a XYZ Corp microcontroller.

    2. If you have a suitable compiler for the target that works with Linux, yes.

    3. This varies, so there's no single, simple rule here. It would depend on which compiler, for what target, etc, etc.

    4. Not really a question, so I can't really answer it.

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