Thread: getting stderr from an app launched via execv

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    getting stderr from an app launched via execv

    I have an application that calls another app and reads its output from stdout and also traps output to stderr too.

    It originally used popen and trapped stderr by passing "2>out.err" as the last parameter and it worked fine.
    But I also needed to be able to send a SIGINT to the program and couldn't using the popen architecture.

    So I've changed my code to use fork / execv and now the last parm "2>out.err" is being passed to the app and not treated the same was as it was with popen.

    So my question is, how can I trap prints to stderr from the app that I launched using execv?


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    In the child process, just before you exec...

    - open "out.err" for writing
    - close descriptor 2
    - Call dup with the descriptor from step 1
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