Thread: please test my code!!!

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    segmentation fault

    please test my code!!!

    I am a long time redhat user and I need someone else running linux/GNU to compile and test a brief piece of code for me. I posted it this morning on the C programming board, and I've also posted it on comp.lang.c and comp.unix.programmer. Altho I got I number of helpful comments, formatting tips, et. al. no one actually addressed the question i actually asked or tested the script itself -- I would like to know if it produces the same (unexpected, unexplained) results i got and why YOU think that happened, since obviously the reason for the error is not apparent to those who just scanned it.

    Anyway the original post is

    please help!!
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    Or get a small distro and try it out for yourself, it'd be about a 50mb download. Try Feather Linux, Puppy or Arch (I say Arch ) -- to name a few

    Not to mention if you had any other 'requests' in the future, you could run it for yourself. Rather than making demands.

    Or use Cygwin, (closer to Linux than Windows )
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    segmentation fault
    There is a misunderstanding -- I AM USING LINUX, gcc 4.1.2 & 3.36, I just want to confirm that the problem i am having is not some form of file system corruption here -- in other words the code i wrote may work flawlessly for you.

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    One thread is enough.
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