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    Lightbulb parsing C code

    Hi everyone,
    I would like to know if there is any way to parse C code so I can automatically generate template code (such as header files). For example I would like to generate enums for each global variable and have them modified through a single function as follows:
    // set the variable 'vname' to the specified value
    int s_set_option( enum s_opt    vname, void *new_value);
    // return the variable 'vname' value
    void *s_get_option( enum s_opt    vname);
    then generate the appropriate GUI function so I can manipulate them. I'm sure someone at some point would have done this to account for the numerous amount of variables one might have.

    such a tool would make a lovely addition to my make file for future projects.

    I am working with Ubuntu

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    You should have a "protoize", which is part of the gcc package.

    Here's some info:

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