Thread: question about about Bourne Shell programming

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    question about about Bourne Shell programming

    I am new to Linux programming. I would like to write a Bourne shell script and it is invoked as follows
    script1 <classList> 
    for example
            script1 /A/B/list 
    <classList> is the full path name of a list of students in a class.
    Each line is of the form <loginId> whitespace <name>.  For example,the file may look like this
    cs123456    David  A. Smith
    cs234567    Mark Jones
    Can anybody help me out.

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    You have described just about nothing.

    You want a shell script that is passed the path to a file, and you have described what the file looks like.

    So... the $64 question is, what is this script supposed to do?
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    This looks very much like homework. Before you describe what the script should do and then simply ask for help again, review the homework policy of this site.
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