Thread: Reading PCI IDs ?

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    Reading PCI IDs ?


    how can one read the PCI ID of the chipset built into a computer?
    I know lspci can do it with "-n" and the first line contains the PCI ID of the chipset:
    $ lspci -n
    00:00.0 0600: 8086:2a00 (rev 03)
    The bold marked info is what I'm looking for. I haven't dealt with such things in C before and the lspci source code wasn't especially useful for me because I just wasn't able to understand it... (I'm not a professional coder, it's just a hobby and I'm not doing this for so long)

    So if anyone can tell me where exactly in the lspci source code I will have to look or has a simpler piece of code it would be great if he'd share it with me


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    Try looking at:


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    lspci reads the files under /sys/bus/pci/devices (you can easily find this out without browsing it's source using the command #strace lspci 2>&1 | less)

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