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    souce code

    where can i get the souce code of linux OS command? e,g commnd ls or less

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    Quote Originally Posted by Codeplug View Post
    contents of coreutils = ls /bin
    which includes ls
    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Henager
    If the average user can put a CD in and boot the system and follow the prompts, he can install and use Linux. If he can't do that simple task, he doesn't need to be around technology.

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    If you are using a debian based flavor, you can try:
    apt-get source <package_name>

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    "Linux Programming by Example" by Arnold Robbins walks you through the code
    of V7 ls. So, its's not GNU ls, yet should be fine as a start. I got my copy last week
    so I haven't reached that ls chapter yet, but author's comments of ls code seem
    easy to follow.

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