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    Smile Questions about code documentation

    Before committing to create a full fledged new thread, I wanted to know if it's ok to ask questions about documentation generation. (more specifically, C code documentation generation).

    I've been battling with the infamous CMake->(Doxygen->Breathe->Sphinx) pipeline to generate docs.
    Due to my immense ignorance in these field, I've spent plenty of time with increasingly scarcer materials, till I ran out of pavement and stopped.

    I'm in need of some assistance/people to discuss with on the topic. Fortunately I'm beyond "how do you do this help" but I need some help to get back to the right track.

    I'm talking about strictly C stuff. Most of the tools I named are primarily for C++ but I need them to behave with C. Where do I post this? Can I go to the "C" topic? Searching "documentation" in the forum brought up nothing interesting.

    Thank you!
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