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    Hello, i recently updated my WSL program and when compiling the same program i get a ton of warnings. like...

    track.c:309:21: note: ‘snprintf’ output between 26 and 4121 bytes into a destination of size 4096 309 |
    snprintf( buf, MAX_STRING_LENGTH, "Don't make me find you, %s!", victname );

    my main file has these settings:

    #define MAX_KEY_HASH 2048
    #define MAX_STRING_LENGTH 4096 /* buf */
    #define MAX_INPUT_LENGTH 1024 /* arg */
    #define MAX_INBUF_SIZE 1024

    I tried rising the values but the problem persists.
    How i can fix it?
    Can anyone help?

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    Try making MAX_STRING_LENGTH at least 4121

    Or make your 'victname' array a more realistic shorter length.
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