Thread: C++ examples for network programming

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    C++ examples for network programming

    Hi (this is a 1st posting for me ).
    My aspiration for the above is to replace Kepware SW which is commercial SW that is used to connect to a Siemens S7 200 PLC.

    I am intending to use DEV C++ (from Bloodshed V5). My only usage with the Kepware is to write 10 words (16 bits) and read another 10 words. This is a simple repeating operation.

    My expectation is that there would be some type of Producer and Consumer example to start with. ??

    Can the good people in this forum point me is any direction.

    Regards JC.....

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    I would like to add to my previous discussion, that I am seeking to perform a classic OPC connection (on an industrial PLC).

    Regards JC....

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    Ask here perhaps?

    If you're asking about a specialist "foo" feature (like a library), it's best to search "close to home" as it were.

    This is a general C/C++ forum for beginners.
    The chance that you might luck into finding someone who knows what you're looking for is slim.

    Besides, your "from Bloodshed V5" was last updated in 2005.
    Get the "Orwell Dev-C++" if you want a maintained fork.

    If you just want to send and receive a couple of network packets, then
    recv() - recv function (winsock.h) - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs
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