Thread: Hey what's up! Long time no see.

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    Hey what's up! Long time no see.

    Hey, not sure if anyone remembers me... I joined here many years ago when I was just a teenager. I had learned C++ from an old library book and thought I knew how to program computers. Haha.

    I made a lot of dumb posts here -- in fact I'm afraid to look through my history here. I do remember one of my last threads I created, asking how to become a professional programmer: Becoming a Professional Programmer

    Well... time flies! 12 years later, I've gone through college and am employed as a software engineer at a big tech company. Still writing C++! And yet it's almost unfathomable how much the tech scene has changed since then. Logging in here into my old account feels a little bit like going back in a time machine.

    Nowadays we tend to use Stack Overflow for our Q&As rather than forums. I can see this has a lot less activity than it used to... are any of the old folks still around? Bubba, Prelude, Salem?

    How is everyone doing? Hope you all are well.

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    I'm a bit after your time, but I came back after a few years off.
    Salem is still going strong, but I haven't seen the others for a while...

    I usually only check the C and C# pages, which can be quite at times.
    Fact - Beethoven wrote his first symphony in C

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    Time flies!
    I have fond memories of this forum, and have learnt a lot from the folks here.
    Still writing C++ ... and C++ compilers!

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