Thread: language for writing an online education site

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    language for writing an online education site

    I recently have an idea of making an online education site just like Khan Academy and StudyPug. However, I have only learnt c and c++. I am wondering what language I need to learn in order to build a site and whether or not the language I need is similar to c or c++.

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    To a build a site, you'll need to learn web-centric languages. You'll likely want to use some kind of framework, especially if you're not that experienced.

    Two languages you'll definitely need to become familiar with are JavaScript (ES5, possibly ES6) and HTML. For the backend, you have lots of choices like JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.

    The task at hand is incredibly complex, especially building a robust and secure backend for users. Unless you want to spend the next year learning, you should find someone to do it for you.

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    Thank you for the advice. I would very much like to learn about these stuff so I might as well spend the next year learning haha.

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    Alrighty then. JavaScript is 100% something to invest time in that won't be wasted, and for the remainder you can gather further opinions until you settle on something.

    As a webserver I can highly recommend Nginx. It feels very clear and well designed to me, aside from the great performance.

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    Use a CMS rather than trying to craft random hackery of HTML and JavaScript.

    WordPress - Wikipedia

    You will end up spending more time patching security holes than creating your own content.
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