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    Pet Chat

    Do you guys have pets at home? This is the thread wherein you can talk about them here, and I would appreciate it if you guys can attach a photo of them. I will start by telling you a bit of an information about my dog, his name Copper and he is a Pomeranian. Just like any other pooch out there, Copper is heavy chewer the reason why I always have a dog bone at home. There are times wherein he will try to hide it around the house, then look for it after an hour. I have noticed that it has been a part of his daily routine when he is still a puppy and up until now. Our favorite activity together is walking around the neighborhood and playing fetch in the backyard or on the beach.

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    My dog (Robert or Bob for short) is a cross between a German Shepherd, Great Dane and a Rottweiler. Bob has many fleas and the special collar I buy for him doesn't work because he eats it; he's done the same thing since he was a puppy. At the moment he eats 4 times a day but doesn't do exercise at the gym on weekends because vet said he should have at least 2 days away from training a week. In 2 months time he will be a competitor in the dog obedience training school annual hound show.

    Last weekend I took Bob to the beach and had a terrific time. Bob bounced around in the water for hours and then chased bikini girls up and down the beach. I laughed and laughed until tears of joy streamed down my face and Bob licked them off. He's a very fun dog.

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    This is my pet bird that Bob sometimes plays with if there are no bikini girls to chase

    Pet Chat-img_5298-edit-jpg

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