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    Smile The Free Lunch is Over

    Isn´t it amazing that it has been more than 10 years since Herb Sutter wrote the essay “The Free Lunch is Over” and that concurrency is still such a live issue? In this legendary article Herb describes that it is time to grow concurrent programming’s requirements, pitfalls, styles, and idioms. Topics that have high relevancy also in 2017. For interested learning more about how Herb predict the future and how he expect C++ to evolve, he is planning a 3-day course about high-performance and low-latency C++ in London in October, 2017.

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    Moved to GD.

    Seems genuine, if somewhat pricey.
    High-Performance and Low-Latency C++ with Herb Sutter-Other
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    There's a pretty cool concurrency library that came out recently: Concurrency

    Written by some decent C++ developers as well. Figured I'd give it a plug :P

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