Thread: Whats for dinner?

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    Whats for dinner?

    I've been seeing this topic in other forum sites I visited and I love how people respond to the thread. I was wondering if we can do it too here? Anyway, I had roast beef and mashed potato and sansrival for dessert. I'm drinking my fave coffee now so I won't feel sleepy after that heavy dinner lol.

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    My gf and I made some pretty good coconut curry last night. We've finally realized that you can/should toast your spices before cooking with them and the food turned out significantly better.

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    We have T-bone steak with buttered corn and mashed potatoes on the side

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    Macaroni and tomatoes.

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    From two of the posters, I guess what's on the menu is <monty>spam spam spam spam</python>
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    During what's been some of the longest months in my entire life, tonight I had cookie dough poptarts and Italian sausage (chicken though not pork).

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    Scrambled eggs and spaghetti. Later, before bed, Cerelac.
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