Thread: Hi Guys Need your help. Do you got any idea to build tracking system using Visual C++

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    Hi Guys Need your help. Do you got any idea to build tracking system using Visual C++

    I new to the C programming. I planning to create Smart Data Entry system using C ++ programing. Some soft of Tracking System.

    The GUI should consists of S/N , DateIN , Comment and history.

    Means , when i want to recall back the history of the S/N. The output should shows all the history that i key in.

    Do you guys got any idea? Please do share with me.

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    It sounds like you need a spreadsheet program.

    Or maybe just a text editor with a search feature.

    Or maybe an SQLite database, which can do the searching for you.
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    Seems also like homework, which means you may also need to start paying attention in class.
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