Thread: basic queries on assembly level language

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    basic queries on assembly level language

    being a newbie I have a very basic
    doubt -as in high level language
    though to some extent assembly
    level language also uses simple
    english words in programming
    then why does the later require
    knowing the hardware details of
    the computer?these questions might sound dumb but please bear with me.thnku...

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    Yes. The question is dumb. You should do the smart thing and not worry with this type of stuff. You don't need answers to all the questions your pretty little brain spouts when you are starting to program. Just concentrate on what you are doing.
    Originally Posted by brewbuck:
    Reimplementing a large system in another language to get a 25% performance boost is nonsense. It would be cheaper to just get a computer which is 25% faster.

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    Yeah I would go as far as to say that the question is completely wrong headed. There are a couple of realistic answers to the question depending on what you mean by "hardware details."

    1) There are different assemblies out there. Newer hardware can support new assembly instructions that older hardware did not support, so in that way, you need to know what chip the program runs on
    2) By and large, it is a mistake to think assembly is showing you details exactly. Even if there is a one to one mapping between mnemonics and the chip's functionality, that mapping is still an abstraction; it's not like you need knowledge of exactly how the chip is doing anything
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