Thread: Capstone project shinanigans

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    Capstone project shinanigans


    I will be starting on my capstone project (to fulfill the requirements of degree yadiyada..) in my computer science degree. I just finished my degree in engineering and would like to do something that would incorporate some engineering but as it is a computer science project, the focus needs to be on software (software major). As this is the forum that basically taught me all i needed to know about programming( for the most part), i thought it would be a good idea to get project ideas from you guys (Also my brain seems to be dead).

    Sooo, any ideas on a project that is software based but would require some feats of engineering to complete? I really don't want to do a purely software based project (Because science!). Thanks!

    : Forgot to mention that mechatronics is the field
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    Why do you need ideas from us?

    If you intend to pursue a career in this field, then you'll be more valuable as an employee if you can come up with new and original ideas. Instead of always leaving it "to some other guy".

    Yes it's hard - but much more rewarding than just being told "do this, do that".
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    I really only wanted to know what projects other people thought would be worth pursuing for the sake of completeness.I do have a couple ideas, but yea..i get your point

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