My responsibilities mean I got used to sleep 4/5 hours a day, my coffee consumption has increased X fold, can't plan my free time, don't follow through very well with my responsibilities as a father and husband, don't exercise enough. And since this has been going for the past 10 years, I think I irreparably affected my health and in just a few years my body will start showing me the symptoms letting me know that it is time to pay.
That's unfortunate!

I high blood pressure so I picked up an exercise regimen. It's amazing what it does for your body.

All I do is go the gym in my apartment complex, get on the elliptical machine, crank that bad boy up the highest level, choose my "course" (which is always Rolling Hills) and then I run that hamster wheel until my heart explodes. I burn about 500 calories per workout which ain't that bad neither!