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    My Absense

    Hi all, especially those that remember me.
    If you've been wondering where I went, basically I became a dad, and then priorities changed, then my marriage fell apart.

    I used to post here practically every day for quite a while, but I've made maybe just a couple of visits here in the last year. I have all but ended providing my time on here.

    Although I still have a passion for programming and are happily employed as such, I no longer have time for it outside of work. I can solve any programming problem I care to solve, efficiently and elegantly, and my focus these days is more on design. I.e. don't just solve the problem the right way, but solve the right problem. Even that yucky customer requirements sort of thing, not just code design.
    I also have to confess that I'm also kind of becoming one with C# these days too, though C++ is still what I love the most.

    However, I'm quite a different person now after what I've been through. I'm starting to do the things in my life that to me were always just things I wanted to do some day in the future. My life focus is now on getting out there and doing fun stuff, meeting cool people, and hopefully one day finding a new life partner. I'm 37 now.

    I guess I came here to say goodbye. I learnt a lot from you all; never stop learning!
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    Everything changes, our ideas, our likes-dislikes, our hopes and dreams, our situation( be that financial, romantic or otherwise ), this is life. As long as we keep finding reasons to live, that's all well and good.

    Devoted my life to programming...

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    Good luck with whatever you do next...

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    So long. I'm happy to hear you are now doing the stuff you've always wanted to do.

    Best of luck!

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    Good luck! Don't become one with C# too much now

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    I will miss you iMalc. However I do have a planned vacation on NZ this September. If you do live in or around Christchurch, I'd be happy to meet over lunch. There's this great Spanish restaurant down in the Botanic Gardens... on me, of course.

    Best of luck on your endeavors and don't stress much the emotional angle. It's when the solution becomes more difficult. Despite the hurt, stay cool, and try to nurture a positive and easygoing attitude in everything you do. This will help attract your future partner.
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    All the best!
    I will remember you as the one who explained sorting algorithms really well and helped me understand concurrency for the first time.
    (Adak deserves a special mention here, wonderful person. )

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    You'll be missed iMalc. I definitely learned a lot from you. Best of luck, and feel free to stop by and say hi and let us know how you're doing.

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