Thread: Slow Forum, Double Posts

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    Slow Forum, Double Posts

    Has anyone else noticed the forum being very slow, and generating double posts the last couple of days? Has it been reported to the webmaster? I'd hate to inundate him with redundant requests.
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    The forum has been extremely slow for me since the beginning of yesterday. I have not brought it up to anyone in charge, though.

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    I have noticed that the forum is slow, and the database is regularly crashing again. Things like double posting will happen on accident, so we should give people the benefit of the doubt for a while. webmaster has always responded before. I'm not worried. It might be time for him to upgrade his server again, or the forum software.

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    Certainly not the first time this has happened. It was usually fixed within two days or so.

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    When I had a forum in the past, I was experiencing some "down" times which is clearly up server's fault.

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